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Helpful Check Out Tips Checklist

CHECKLIST -- You're Apartment

• Defrost Freezer: Carry the refrigerator, so as not to damage the floor, into the bathroom shower for defrosting. Do not defrost on carpets or flooring. To empty water remove tray below freezer periodically until defrosted. Clean and make sure interior of refrigerator is dry.
• Remove your personal belongings.
• Dust and vacuum the apartment.
• Now that your refrigerator is defrosted and clean carry it back to the bedroom and drop the cord between the door and unit to KEEP DOOR OPEN.
• Thoroughly clean bathroom including sink, shower, and toilet Damp mop floor. If need be, a mild dish soap can be used.

CHECKLIST -- Shared Kitchen/Common Area

• You are responsible for 25o/o of this area...SO PLEASE..,Arrange to share these tasks, with your suite mates.
• Remove your personal belongings. r' Remove all food from your pantry and wipe shelves clean.
• Clean stove and microwave inside and out, including oven interior. / Clean counters, cabinet doors, and shelves.
• Sweep and damp mop kitchen floor and entry. lf need be a mild dish soap can be used.
• Dust and Vacuum the area.

Carpet Shampooing: Your apartment and common area were professionally shampooed prior to occupancy. Do not attempt to shampoo any carpet area yourself. RV Suites will professionally shampoo all carpets once you have vacated.

Wall Damage: Do not attempt to patch or use any paint to repair wall damage. You were provided small nails and tack for attaching pictures and posters. Our staff will repair small holes and repaint at no charge to you. However, larger holes or other out of the ordinary wall damage will be charged against your security deposit.

Keys and Parking Permits: Have your keys and parking permits ready to turn in.

When you are ready to leave: Come by the office on your indicated vacate date and ask for a walk-through. A Renaissance employee will accompany you through your apartment and suite and obtain your signature on the apartment condition sheet you signed at check in. Your security deposit refund is dependent on this walk-through.

Complete the following then either drop it off at the office or mail it into the address below.

Please mail my security deposit refund to the following name and address:

Thanks for Staying at RV Suites!

You were provided these helpful tips when you checked in. Online form is provided as a guide and so you have an additional copy