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RV Suites Lease and Housing Application

The Management and Staff wants to Make your stay with us an enjoyable one. If you have any questions, our professional staff is on duty to assist you from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. 

We invite you to live here stress free with your friends and stay connected. We offer more Amenities at a lesser price than Anyone in Town.


Fall 2016, Spring 2017............Only $2,686.50 Per Semester

1 Year Lease........................Only $5,700.00 Total

Summer Lease.....................Only $270.00 Per Month

One Semester......................Only $3,450.00.

ASK ABOUT SUMMER SESSION RATES AND FREE SUMMER STORAGE. For your convenience the form below is all ready for you to fill out and send it to us.


Please fill in the web form below.


Download our printable application (click here) and Deliver, Mail or Fax it to us.

Lease Information:

Personal Information:

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Living Preferences:

Please answer the following as accurately as possible. Your honest answers will allow RV Suites to match you with a suitemate with similar interest and habits. You must select at least one option below or enter information to complete each section.

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In compliance with NY State Smoking Regulations maintaining tenant safety and health concerns RV Suites is a smoke free environmnet. Neither tenant nor guest will be permitted to smoke in rooms, common areas, hallways, landings, breeze ways or near building entrances.

Smokers Welcome.......An outdoor covered pavillion is provided speciffically for smoking, bike storage and barbecuing.

SECURITY DEPOSIT $200 & $60 (Non-Refundable Processing Fee) Total $260.00 due at the time of reservation and is not a part of the lease amount.: Date Paid:

Applicant's Authorization: I hereby authorize Renaissance Village to order a consumer credit report, criminal report and verify other credit information, including landlord references and employment history. Applicant hereby acknowledges that credit information may be obtained and fully authorizes the obtaining of such a report as well as the verification of all information concerning applicant. Applicant further understands and agrees that any erroneous information provided,as well as any negative or derogatory information uncovered in either the credit check or verification of applicant's employment or rental history, is sufficient grounds for disapproval.
It is understood a photocopy of this form will also serve as authorization.:

Applicant Signature {in lieu of signature FOR EMAILED APPLICATIONS PLEASE CHECK HERE: )  This represents my signature and authorization of this emailed document. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION COMPLETELY AND CAREFULLY. lllegible, incomplete or erroneous information will cause delays and may result in your rejection.